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Private student loan lenders to offer more flexible repayment options

Sienna Kossman

For private student loan borrowers facing high, inflexible monthly payments in times of unemployment or other financial hardships, relief may be on the way.
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Blinded by sign-up bonus rewards points

Julie Sherrier

For the first time in perhaps decades, I received a payment overdue notice. I applied for the American Express Premier Rewards Gold card in early spring to take advantage of its 50,000 Membership Rewards points bonus offer with the $175 annual fee waived the first year. I was approved and had to spend $1,000 within three months to get the points.
Spending the $1,000 wasn’t a problem. Paying the bill in a timely manner was.
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Slow-paying millennials not so good with credit after all

Kelly Dilworth

The credit-shy millennial generation is having trouble paying its bills on time. A new report from the credit reporting agency Experian found that a substantial number of 20-something borrowers are lapsing on their bill payments – and it’s showing in their credit scores.
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Emily’s List: Walt Disney Edition

Emily Crone

On this day in 1901, Walt Disney was born. In this week’s credit card roundup, we celebrate Disney’s hundreds of inspiring and heartwarming films that defined many of our childhoods.
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