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Bill would truncate Social Security numbers

Jay MacDonald

By virtue of their permanence, our Social Security numbers have grown into the all-purpose numeric can opener with which we file our income tax, acquire mortgages and open bank accounts and credit cards.

And as Hamlet would put it, there’s the rub, because con artists also have come to covet our Social as their quickest means to slip into our identity, steal our IRS refund and/or open and abuse a credit card in our name.

Why not make it harder on them, the way we do with credit card numbers, by requiring the numbers be truncated?

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Pat Bagley cartoon piratically skewers the credit carrrrd industry

Daniel Ray

Somewhere along the line, the image of the credit card industry changed from friendly enabler of fun and granter of freedom to pillaging raiders of the open wallet. If this were “It’s a Wonderful Life,” it would be like watching warm-hearted George Bailey devolve into the money-grubbing Mr. Potter.

Award-winning editorial cartoonist Pat Bagley of the Salt Lake Tribune made that point visually today with his cartoon.

It notes both the avaricious reputation of the industry, and the limits to the added layer of consumer protection from the Credit CARD Act of 2009 and the recent Wall Street reform law.

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Credit card reform law’s impact on campus: ‘What law?’

You see them all around. I was warned at a very young age to avoid them at all costs. I was cautioned never to get too close to the promoters behind … the credit card booths (insert old horror movie scream here).

You know which ones I’m talking about:

“Free Phoenix Suns T-shirt! Just sign here!”

“Trip to Bora Bora? Just sign on the X …”

“Cool hat! But first, I need your address.”

I wanted to see if the passage of the credit card reform law had made a difference on campus. Here’s what I found.

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Cartoon: New card law puts on a happy face

Daniel Ray

Of all the commentary I’ve read on the new credit card law I think this cartoon by Joe Heller of the Green Bay Press-Gazette is my favorite.
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