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Emily’s list: Lost cat edition

Emily Crone

My missing cat has me wondering how soon I should give up hope, cancel his wellness plan, and ditch his things. Should I keep the financial investment going in case he shows up again? Learn more about my dilemma and check out my 10 favorite posts from the personal finance blogosphere this week.
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Even pawnshops participating in layaway plans

Susan Ladika

It’s a sign of the times. As consumers shy away from making credit card purchases and running up debt, layaway programs at retailers like Kmart and Sears are making a resurgence.

But they aren’t alone. Now even some pawn shops are getting in on the layaway act.
Outside one Value Pawn and Jewelry shop in Tampa, Fla., a banner with Santa Claus, one of his reindeer and a Christmas tree proclaims “Layaway now for Christmas.” Put 10 percent down, and the purchase is interest free till the jolly old elf arrives.

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The downside of giving up plastic: Purchase protection

Julie Sherrier

The experts say to pay cash for gifts this holiday season, but if you pay cash, you lose the purchase protection provided by credit cards if the item you buy is damaged or broken.
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