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Emily’s list: Lent edition

Emily Crone

On Tuesday, people all over America threw a massive party for Mardis Gras. Even at my office, people brought in king cake, jambalaya and colorful beads. It’s the all-out celebration that happens before Lent begins the next day, which involves choosing something to sacrifice or abstain from for the next 40 days until Easter arrives. I have one friend who is giving up smoking. Another friend is quitting Diet Coke. In the past, I’ve had friends give up chocolate, television, alcohol and other habits that weren’t bringing much to the table.

I’ve also heard of people using Lent as a time to give up accumulating debt with credit cards, unnecessary spending or expensive habits like eating out. If you’re sacrificing spending for Lent or just want to have better money habits, read on for my favorite personal finance blog posts from the past week.

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