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4 ways cards, apps and more can save on pet care

Susan Ladika

Over the years, I’ve rescued far more cats than I care to recall, so I stay on top of ways to use my credit cards and other discounts to save on kibble, cat litter, toys, treats and flea medication. Last…
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Hotel programs will match your elite status

Jenny Hoff

It’s not easy accruing enough hotel points, either through credit card purchases or through purchasing enough nights at the hotel, to earn a top-tier status with the chain. And unless you are a frequent business traveler, it’s nearly impossible to…
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Do you know where your rewards are?

Here’s 10 $20 bills, and a $5 bill. Take them. They’re free. You want them?
Apparently you don’t.

In a time when saving is in vogue, it would seem that $200 is a sizable enough sum not to disregard. Yet the average household that participates in loyalty programs fails to redeem $205 of $622 in rewards each year, be it airline miles or points accrued from shopping and credit card use.

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