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Bring cash to get pot stash in Colorado

Jenny Hoff

Recreational use of pot is legal in Colorado, but since it’s not legal at the federal level, that means it’s “cash only” for tourists looking to get high in the Mile High City. A hot spot for nature lovers and winter…
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Stone wall crumbles: Coloradans find they can charge their pot

Jay MacDonald

While possession of an ounce of cannabis has been legal in the Mile High state since 2012, being able to walk into a state-sanctioned store and buy it is new. A question pot-buyers might ask upon purchasing it over the counter for the first time at more than two dozen authorized stores is, “Can I charge it?”
So far at least, the short answer is: uh, maybe. Here’s the dope.
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D.C. passport applicants at risk for identity theft

Tyler Metzger

About 400 D.C. residents were recently notified by the State Department that their passport applications were stolen by thieves seeking to use the sensitive information to commit credit card fraud.
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