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Jennifer Aniston, Liv Tyler alleged victims of card fraud

Tyler Metzger

Jennifer Aniston’s former beautician could be doing the hair and nails of a different type of clientele if convicted of stealing credit card information from a variety of A-list celebrities.

Maria Gabriella Perez, owner of the Beverly Hills salon Chez Gabriela Studio, was arrested Wednesday and accused of fraudulently charging hundreds of thousands of dollars on cards belonging to Aniston, Liv Tyler, Anne Hathaway and Melanie Griffith, according to court documents and news sources.

Records claim Perez charged about $280,000 to celebrity cards in just one year; $214,000 of that was charged on two of Tyler’s American Express cards over a five-month period alone. The U.S. Attorney’s office in Los Angeles says she initially got the card details by providing legitimate services, and later dug up the information and entered it manually for the fraudulent charges.

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