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Beware, financial optimists: Smile and the world takes your money

Fred Williams

A positive outlook helps get through the day, but too much of it can really land you in trouble when it comes to your finances. In fact, a skeptic would say that lenders, some of them anyway, have built profitable business models on our excess optimism.
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Learning to cook for cash

I never thought that learning what saute meant and how to do it would keep both me and my wallet from going hungry.

When paying my most recent credit card bills, I happily discovered I saved $30 in the past month alone by preparing a majority of meals at home rather than eating out. At this rate, I stand to save $360 per year if I keep clear of restaurants and continue to cook.

Maybe because of the $100,000 albatross (law school loans) I am about to hang from my neck, in the past month I’ve decided to try out thriftiness. And you know, I’m kind of liking it. Here’s how it’s going.

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