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Top 10 apps for the credit card already in your wallet

Taylor Tompkins

At a conference I attended a few weeks ago, one of the speakers told the audience of bankers to take out their phones. “Can you make a payment or redeem rewards with just your thumb on your mobile app? If…
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Getting drunk? DrnkPay cuts off your cards

Jay MacDonald

When you get a little tipsy, do you get a little frisky with your debit or credit card? Lift a toast to DrnkPay, the cleverly named new app that takes the “you” out of “drunk” and lets you limit your…
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Usernames and passwords, don’t slow me down!

Kimberley Carmona

Like most people my age, I use my mobile phone for everything. I use my phone to connect with people, check the weather and order groceries. I also track how much I have in my bank account using my mobile bank app. I…
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