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I’m 23 and refuse to use my phone’s mobile wallet

Sienna Kossman

Even though a recent FICO survey revealed that millennials are more likely to use mobile wallets than other age groups, I’m perfectly happy swiping my old-fashioned plastic cards. Here’s why:
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My first mobile payment experience: an evening with Tabbedout

Emily Crone

I learned about a mobile payment app for smartphones called Tabbedout, and I went barhopping in downtown Austin to test it out.
Ah, the things I have to do to earn a living.
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Emily’s list: Starbucks mobile app edition

Emily Crone

It’s no secret that mobile technology is the future of payments. Starbucks has taken a step forward that may ignite even more popularity with mobile payments.

I just learned that in late January, Starbucks announced a new mobile smartphone app for mobile payments for the Starbucks Card, a rechargeable gift card that can also be used for their loyalty rewards program.

According to a press release, with this new app, “customers can manage their card account, reload their card balance directly from their smartphone with a major credit card, check their My Starbucks Rewards status, find nearby Starbucks stores and pay for purchases with the newly expanded mobile payment capability.”

With such a loyal customer base, I’m not surprised that they are one of the first companies to really embrace this technology. Mobile payment does have its downsides, and there is still the debate of data safety when credit cards are involved, but the convenience may be worth it.

For more thoughts, tips and tricks about personal finance, please read on for my roundup of my favorite blog posts from the past week.

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