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Miami students flunk conmanship

Jay MacDonald

An enterprising group of 18 current and former Miami Dade College students have been indicted for laundering $500,000 in other people’s stolen income tax refunds through their Higher One student financial aid accounts, in exchange for a cut of the action.
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When in Rome, bring cash

Fred Williams

Credit and debit card transactions have been cut off throughout the Vatican City since Jan. 1 over Italy’s concerns about money laundering at the Vatican’s bank. Recently the Vatican’s chief bank regulator responded to the move with surprise, calling it unwarranted, although a European oversight report was critical of the bank’s practices. The takeaway for visitors: When visiting the Vatican, bring cash.
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Supreme Court rulings unlikely to embolden terrorists

Jeremy Simon

Illegal drug operations, terrorist groups and other criminal enterprises use money laundering to hide the movement of their funds. So after reading in the Wall Street Journal that the Supreme Court today ruled against the government in two distinct money laundering cases, my concern was that it may become harder for authorities to target terrorists and other criminals for prosecution.
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