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Players gain financial knowledge — rather than yards — on this football field

Connie Prater

Just in time for the start of the 2010 regular football season, the National Football League and Visa Inc. have teamed up to release a new educational video game: Financial Football 2.0.

Designed to help young and old test their knowledge of credit and debt, student loans and retirement accounts, the game is a step in the right direction for helping us all increase our financial literacy.

The staff at CreditCards.com wanted to see how challenging and educational the new game actually was, so we played it — lots of times. Here’s what we found…

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NFL fans: Use your credit card rewards points now or else

Matt Schulz

Got rewards points from using your favorite NFL team’s official credit card? Redeem them soon to get that Peyton Manning jersey or Dallas Cowboys helmet or they’ll disappear forever.

Consider it a two-minute warning from the National Football League and Bank of America: “After August 31, 2010,” the bank says on its NFL Extra Points program website, “Bank of America will no longer offer the NFL credit card program. All points must be redeemed on or before this date.” Otherwise, the points will expire.

To drive home the point, NFLExtraPoints.com features a giant countdown clock just below a headline that screams “Redeem your points before the clock hits zero! Last chance to spend your points.” The site also says that current NFL credit cardholders will soon receive more information on the situation.

So what’s driving this? The NFL is moving its credit card business from Bank of America — with whom its partnered for 15 years — to British-owned Barclays Bank. According to the Associated Press, Barclays’ new NFL program is set to debut in September. The NFL regular season begins September 9.

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