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CEO paid $1.7m for helping hard-pressed debtors

Fred Williams

In the corporate world, where he began his career, Ivan Hand’s $1.7 million paycheck for 2013 wouldn’t be remarkable for a top executive. But he leads a nonprofit that gets much of its income from struggling debtors.
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Bankruptcy filers save $25, and a lesson on lucrative nonprofits

Daniel Ray

People going bankrupt just saved $25. The magic counseling certificate that unlocks the doors of the bankruptcy court should still cost $50, not $75, an executive of the United States Trustees has ruled. The administrative ruling also contains a reminder of an important lesson that everyone who deals with nonprofit agencies should remember.
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Banking the underbanked not so easy

Getting people without bank accounts into the world of financial services is a lot tougher than just handing out a bunch of debit cards
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