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Young adults more likely to switch banks

Sienna Kossman

Friendly bank tellers that smile and give you a piece of candy (if you’re lucky) can help with all your banking needs, but for many — especially young adults — they’d rather forgo these brick-and-mortar niceties in exchange for more mobile banking options, according to a new survey.
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Who still walks into a bank to do business?

Connie Prater

Who still goes into a bank anymore and what are they doing in there?

I pondered that question on a recent drive in to work. On my roughly 15-minute commute to work, I drive past about a dozen bank branches for large national banks as well as regional and state banks and credit unions. In many major cities, banks are on every other corner of major thoroughfares.

I may not represent the typical banking client, but I’m pretty sure I’m part of an increasingly large number of them who bank electronically. If I go near a bank, it’s to drive through the ATM lane. On the now-rare occasions when someone gives me a paper check (yuck!), I use the drive-up teller to deposit it.

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Don’t lose your mojo

Emily Crone

I read an article on CNN.com this week about how President Obama is beginning to lose some of his clout and the magical mojo that surrounded him pre-election. He ran on a platform of change, and while he has fought to reform everything from health care to Wall Street in his two years as president, his ratings have fallen and continue to slide. It seems this is due to a combination of him inheriting a terrible economy and two controversial wars, in addition to starting off with many ambitious goals.

It’s easy to get very ambitious with personal finance goals when we as individuals decide we’re ready to finally face our debt or begin budgeting. I’ve seen people decide overnight that they’re going to stop eating out, cancel unnecessary services, start riding the bus to work, only buy used goods and so on.

Those are fantastic goals to have, but it can be unrealistic to conquer too much at once. It can be overwhelming and difficult to stick to all your promises. That’s why many people with debt spread across multiple credit cards decide to tackle one card at a time. Trying to pay it off all at the same time in small amounts can make you feel like you’re just treading water.

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