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Why the middle-class is sending mixed messages on debt

Julie Sherrier

Like many personal finance writers and editors, I enjoy reading the latest studies on consumer spending to see if my behavior correlates with recent research.

According to a monthly survey compiled by Sentient Decision Science Inc., called the First Command Financial Behaviors Index, I’m right there with middle-class Americans who are simultaneously paying down old debt while taking on new loans.

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Carnival of Personal Finance 246: March is the month for … what?!?

Daniel Ray

One of the many ways I annoy my co-workers is to break out one of my favorite books, “Chase’s Calendar of Events,” and regale them with the random events that happened to have taken place on this particular day in history. For example, I will say, “Did you know that today is .. ” and as their eyes reflexively begin rolling back in their heads, I’ll continue, “… National Pig Day?”

So when we got the chance to host this, the 246th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance, and it happened to fall on March 1, I knew I could spread my for random, obscure facts. March is noted for many things, according to Chase’s. Among them: March is International Ideas Month. It’s National Clean Up Your IRS Act Month. It’s International Mirth Month, too. International Expect Success Month is in March, as well. And don’t forget, March is also Spiritual Awareness Month. Finally, cheer up, because it’s also Optimism Month.

So enjoy this week’s best of personal finance blogs in this carnival, sorted into the events they most closely resemble.
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189th Carnival of Personal Finance: Super Bowl edition

Emily Crone

In honor of this weekend’s Super Bowl game, we’ve assembled a team drawn from dozens of the best players in the personal finance arena for the football-themed 189th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance.
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