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ZIP codes prevent pay-at-the-pump fraud

Sienna Kossman

Ever wonder why you have to enter your ZIP code to pay for gas at the pump with your credit card? It may seem like a random request, but there’s a purpose and it’s for your own good.
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SureSwipe takes PINs in a new direction

Jay MacDonald

This month, Capital One introduced its SureSwipe mobile phone app that veers from the alphanumeric mainstream to enable users to log in based on pattern recognition. Instead of setting up a boring old password, SureSwipe users trace a pattern on a square, nine-point touch screen grid that becomes their pattern sign-in. You have to hit at least four of the nine points in sequence, and lame figures aren’t allowed, for you Zorros out there.
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Buy stuff just by nodding? I’m shaking my head

Jay MacDonald

A Finnish startup promises to replace all those passwords, PINs and security codes with a simple device you always carry with you: your face. It has announced what it bills as the first facial recognition payment system.

I’m not sure we’re ready for it. We may marvel at the role that facial recognition played in hunting down the Boston Marathon bombing suspects in mere hours, but we haven’t quite made the leap to embracing big brother as the expediter of our shopping dreams.
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Entering your PIN in reverse at an ATM still won’t call the cops

Daniel Ray

An old urban myth is getting passed around on by email again, and it’s as false as it ever was, even though there are new, ugly reasons to wish it were true.
The bogus email says that, if you’re ever forced by a robber to withdraw money from an ATM, you can send a silent alarm to police by punching in your PIN number in reverse.
A series of forced-at-gunpoint robberies may have led to the renewed circulation of this rumor.
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Criminal Charges: Volume X

Jeremy Simon

Anger in limited amounts or appropriate situations is fine, experts say. So this week’s Criminal Charges will be dedicated to outrage. Cardholder negligence, real estate and banks all get some of that emotion directed at them.
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