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Should social media deem you creditworthy?

Kelly Dilworth

Some dismiss it as hype. But the buzz around using social media data with, or in place of, traditional credit scores is still around and has won over some influential evangelists.

Bill Clerico, CEO of the small business payment processing service WePay, for example, recently became the latest social media advocate to extoll the virtues of using social media profiles to help decide whether a person or a business can be trusted.

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Emily’s list: Pinterest edition

Emily Crone

While Pinterest.com was launched well over a year ago, it didn’t become mainstream until a few months ago. When it did, it caught on like wildfire, growing faster than any previous social network and delivering more traffic to companies that most other social networks combined. It’s like an online vision board, allowing you to collect ideas or dreams for the future. But is it also encouraging people to idealize a lifestyle that is impractical or unattainable?

Keep reading for my thoughts on that and a roundup of my top 10 favorite personal finance blog posts from the past week!

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