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Citi’s ThankYou rewards sharing Facebook app an exercise in frustration

Connie Prater

My friend says, “No Thanks,” to request to share information on Citi’s ThankYou Point Sharing app. Reaping the benefits of Citi’s new rewards sharing program may not be as easy as it appears. Arm twisting may be necessary if none of my friends have that rewards card or any rewards points to share with me.

And who among my friends is going to be want give up their hard-earned rewards so that I can buy a tent or go on a cruise?

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When protecting your money, don’t be afraid to make the extra call

Matt Schulz

Sometimes the difference between keeping $150 and losing it is one simple phone call.

It’s a simple lesson: Persistence pays. It’s also one that every personal finance expert worth their salt will tell you is among the most important to learn. No one cares about your money as much as you do, and to keep it, sometimes you have to fight for it.

I learned that the hard way today during one incredibly irritating morning of back-and-forth with a major airline.

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Emily’s list: Fly for free edition

Emily Crone

While summer doesn’t begin until late June, it already feels like it in most parts of the United States (especially here in Texas). I don’t know about you, but I’m already dreaming of my summer vacation. It’s not planned yet, but I’m not too stressed out about it. I’ve been saving for a trip little by little every week, and I have enough Continental frequent flier miles to get me a round-trip ticket to pretty much anywhere the airline flies.

Before you get too lost in thought about your next vacation, read on for my roundup of my favorite posts from the past week from the personal finance blogosphere.

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Do you know where your rewards are?

Here’s 10 $20 bills, and a $5 bill. Take them. They’re free. You want them?
Apparently you don’t.

In a time when saving is in vogue, it would seem that $200 is a sizable enough sum not to disregard. Yet the average household that participates in loyalty programs fails to redeem $205 of $622 in rewards each year, be it airline miles or points accrued from shopping and credit card use.

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Charity rewards blog included in the Carnival of Personal Finance

Connie Prater

Last week’s blog about the pros and cons of redeeming credit card reward points to donate to the American Red Cross for Haiti earthquake relief efforts was included in the 242nd edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance. Blog carnivals rotate…
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