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What to do if you lose your card while traveling

Jenny Hoff

Traveling abroad makes you inherently vulnerable: You’re in a foreign country, sometimes operating in a different language, figuring out a new currency and hopping around from one uncomfortable hotel bed to another. It’s probably the worst time for your credit…
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Millennials lead the way in prepaid card use

Sienna Kossman

A new survey found that millennials are more inclined to use reloadable prepaid cards than other age groups, favoring the payment cards for their budgeting assistance and security perks.
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Please, let us keep our expensive overdraft loans, prodded consumers cry

Fred Williams

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau intends to issue regulations on prepaid cards’ high-priced overdraft loans, so, as usual, it opened up an avenue for public comment. The outcry, however, is far from usual, as more than 500 customers of the prepaid company Netspend — after some prompting from the company — flooded the CFPB with comments. Nearly all pleaded to keep their high-priced loans, often with a tinge of desperation.
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Belieb it: Justin Bieber to promote prepaid card

Jay MacDonald

It’s totally true, Beliebers: The Adorable One just signed on to promote a new SpendSmart prepaid debit card. Then again, if you’re one of the Biebs’ 30 million Twitter followers and 48 million Facebook buds, you already know that.
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