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Satire lobby lines up SNL ‘ex-presidents’ for consumer protection

Daniel Ray

What could bring together an all-star cast of “Saturday Night Live” presidential doppelgangers?

The issue of consumer protection.

Seven stars and ex-stars of the long-running NBC comedy got together for an unusual, and sometimes side-splitting, political effort in a special video made for the Web site Funny or Die.

In the video Obama, played by Fred Armisen, emerges from a smoke-filled bathroom to engage in a bedside chat with the First Lady Michelle Obama (Maya Rudolph) to have a bedtime chat about — what else? — financial institutions, deregulation and consumer protection.

“These banks and the credit card companies are ripping off the people with almost no regulations,” Obama complains. “I’m trying to make a consumer agency to protect families and the lobbyists and Senator Shelby acts like I’m trying to change the national anthem to ‘I Got 99 Problems and the B**** Ain’t One of Them.'”

Yes, it does get raunchy, but in a PG-13, maybe a mild R sort of way.

As he and Michelle settle back in bed, the string of ex-presidents parade into the bedroom, all exhorting him to find a way to pass the consumer protection law.

The segment, directed by Ron Howard, brings back Dana Carvey as George H.W. Bush, Dan Ackroyd as Jimmy Carter with a few extra peanuts stuffed in him, Chevy Chase as the ever bumbling Gerald Ford, Darrell Hammond as the ever ribald Bill Clinton, Jim Carrey as Ronald Reagan and Will Ferrell — co-founder of Funny or Die — as George W. Bush.

Credit card issuers get special satirical attention.

“When I put the Iraq war on my credit card, I never dreamed I’d be paying 28 percent in interest rates. It’s astronomical,” whines Ferrell/Bush.

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