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New year, new you and other credit news to know

Taylor Tompkins

This week’s (un)lucky number is: $384 million The Powerball lottery number is up to $384 million. Why is this unlucky, you may ask? Well besides your chances of winning being slim-to-none, you probably shouldn’t try to buy your Powerball ticket with…
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New job, stolen wallet make for a tragic-comic summer

What a summer. Cue the blistering heat, the West Nile virus scare, the Michael Phelps Olympics and the amped-up rhetoric of election year politics. For me, this summer also included a new beginning and some hard lessons learned.

It was the Fourth of July. I decided to begin the day by making an appearance at my nearby gym. After a bout with the treadmill, I placed my valuables in a locker, locked it, took my shower and returned to the locker room 10 minutes later to find something was not … quite … right.
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The downside of giving up plastic: Purchase protection

Julie Sherrier

The experts say to pay cash for gifts this holiday season, but if you pay cash, you lose the purchase protection provided by credit cards if the item you buy is damaged or broken.
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