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Swordmaker accused of taking too many reward points

Jay MacDonald

Comes now one Robert Chat, a 38-year-old maker of swords from (wait for it) Florida, whom Choice Hotels International claims weaseled them out of $48,500 in gift cards from their Choice Privileges rewards program by not staying in its Clarions, Comfort Inns and Econo Lodges.
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5 ways to be ‘credit smart’ this week

Sienna Kossman

It never hurts to learn a new budgeting method or how to invest for retirement, but it’s just as important for your financial well-being to learn how to build and maintain good credit.
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Traveling to the London Olympics? You can medal in savings

Susan Ladika

It’s not quite to the point where I’ll pop over to London for a spot o’ tea. But the capital city has become part of my regular vacation routine, thanks to the kindness of friends who welcome me into their home.

Last year I was arrived just days after the royal nuptials of William and Kate, and Westminster Abbey was still mobbed with tourists, perhaps hoping to find a stray grain of rice or wilted petal from the bridal bouquet.

This year my visit comes weeks before the start of the London 2012 Olympics. I’ll be gone before the torch lights the lamp, but as a longtime London visitor, I do have some money-saving tips for those who are attending the games.

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Citi’s ThankYou rewards sharing Facebook app an exercise in frustration

Connie Prater

My friend says, “No Thanks,” to request to share information on Citi’s ThankYou Point Sharing app. Reaping the benefits of Citi’s new rewards sharing program may not be as easy as it appears. Arm twisting may be necessary if none of my friends have that rewards card or any rewards points to share with me.

And who among my friends is going to be want give up their hard-earned rewards so that I can buy a tent or go on a cruise?

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