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To latte, or not to latte? That’s the $5-a-day question

Brady Porche

Are personal finance gurus who tell you to cut the lattes full of beans, or do their critics need to wake up and smell the coffee? We’ve all heard from some money expert or another that we should kick that…
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Spend some of your points and treat yourself

Erica Sandberg

Why is it so easy for us to rack up rewards points with our credit card purchases, but so hard to redeem those rewards points? It starts with the initial sign-up bonus. As a new cardholder, you may get 30,000 to…
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Points plus cash makes luxury hotels affordable

Jenny Hoff

When you stay at an ultra-luxury resort for a day or more, you truly feel like royalty (and you may even be surrounded by some). Unfortunately, these high-end hotels come with a high price, whether you’re paying with points or…
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CFPB to look at ‘confusing’ card rewards

Kelly Dilworth

To help combat confusion over credit card rewards programs, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is zeroing in on the way rewards programs are marketed and may one day ask issuers to make their rewards programs easier to understand.
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Diva in Debt sings about Thankyou rewards blog

Connie Prater

My blog about trying to set up a Facebook app to allow my friends to share my Citi ThankYou rewards points was featured in this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance hosted by Diva in Debt.

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