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Dear Santa: RFID-blocking bluejeans, please

Jay MacDonald

You know how my previous wish list included one of those stainless steel wallets that blocks digital pickpockets from hacking your credit card information right through your back pocket?
Cancel that. I’ve discovered something waaay more fun: RFID-blocking bluejeans.
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Brother, can you spare a swipe? Contactless card reading guitar unveiled

Tyler Metzger

Have you ever had the strong urge to give your hard-earned money to someone strumming “Dust in the Wind” out of key at a vacant intersection? Well, neither have I. But London-based issuer Barclays hopes our apprehension will disappear with its new approach to street charity: a wireless, touchless, credit card accepting guitar.

The financial institution unveiled the instrument Thursday, Aug. 26, in London during a publicity stunt promoting its “contactless technology.” People passing by a street musician — known as a “busker” in the UK — were handed prepaid cards loaded with £5 and were instructed to wave it near the head of the guitar. The money was then taken off the card and donated to the Help a London Child charity.

Contactless cards aren’t exclusive to Barclays’s, but they all work the same: By using radio-frequency identification, or RFID. The card data is stored in a chip inside the plastic and is transmitted using short-range electromagnetic waves emitted by the contactless-card reader. Tollbooths, garage door openers and workplace ID fobs are a few devices that use RFID technology today.

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Cell phones might prevent credit card fraud

Tyler Metzger

By next summer, your cell phone might be able to unlock your car, open your house and even prevent credit card fraud.
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Experts say RFID hacking easy

Daniel Ray

A scary report from KIRO-TV shows how anyone can buy an RFID reader that can be plugged into a USB port of a laptop. Put a credit card within a few inches of the reader and the laptop displays the card owner’s name, credit card number and expiration date — enough data for a thief to go shopping.
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