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How I don’t fall victim to phone scammers

Susan Ladika

In the past couple of months I’ve gotten repeated phone messages from a company implying it wanted to serve me with legal papers; a debt collector looking for someone named Janice Leake; the “U.S. government” calling from a Kansas City area code; a number reportedly associated with a credit card rate reduction scam; a call from an area code that doesn’t exist; and several other numbers that I don’t know.

I don’t trust anybody anymore — at least not if they’re calling me from a phone number I don’t recognize.

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I’m not William. Wrong number robocalls hard to fight

Kelly Dilworth

For more than a year now, I’ve been living with constant calls from debt collectors, but the calls are for a man named William. No matter how many times I tell the callers they’ve got the wrong number, they keep calling back. And now I’m getting robocalls, with no chance of talking to a live person to explain that I’m not William.
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Taking on the robocallers

Fred Williams

Math teacher Joe Bertini was getting fed up with automated calls pitching dubious financial schemes, so he decided to fight back.

His first tactic, tricking the caller into wasting their time, turned out to have consequences. But now he has found a way to free his phone from most of the junk calls.

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