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Of candidates and consumers, Big Bird, binders and bayonets

Daniel Ray

We’ve had binders full of women, Big Bird and bayonets, but until Saturday, hardly a peep has been uttered by the presidential candidates about consumer protection.

With his weekly radio address Saturday, Obama broke the near-silence on the topic. He touted the recent work of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in beginning to regulate credit bureaus, and in winning multimillion-dollar awards from credit card issuers over business practices unfavorable to consumers.

I’m glad to see the discussion, even if it is late. I’m about to enter my 15th year as a personal finance editor, and the past four years have seen more pro-consumer activity from the federal government than the 10 prior years combined. If you like the additional protection, that’s one more reason to vote for Obama. If you don’t think we can afford them, it’s another reason for voting for Romney.

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