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Putting our cards to the test while traveling

Cynthia Drake

It used to be a standard piece of credit card management advice was to notify your card issuer if you’re traveling, so that your purchase of a bike pump in Poughkeepsie wouldn’t trigger a sudden shutdown of your credit card.

the midst of a three-week vacation to Texas and Florida, I decided to engage in a little subversive credit card test on that old saw. We didn’t notify our credit card issuer that we were on the road. Here’s how it went.
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Equifax promotes credit monitoring to its employees following tax mailing mishap

Jeremy Simon

U.S. credit bureaus typically advertise their credit monitoring services as a way for consumers to keep tabs on any unusual account activity. However, credit bureau Equifax was recently prompted to highlight the service to its own employees after a mailing potentially exposed the Social Security numbers of current and former workers.
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Payment processor involved in massive data breach offers few answers

Emily Crone

A payment processor that services 250,000 businesses waits until inauguration day to announce what may be the largest-ever breach of credit card data.
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