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2 ways to earn airline miles by shopping in stores

Lyn Mettler
2 ways to earn airline miles shopping IN stores

Did you know that you can rack up airline miles not just by starting your online shopping at the airline shopping portals but by shopping and paying for your items in a physical store? Both United and Alaska now offer…
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The 2 biggest causes of runaway credit card debt

Matt Schulz

Credit card debt is now the most widely held type of debt in the United States, according to Federal Reserve data released on Wednesday. Forty-four percent of Americans held credit card debt in 2016, the Fed said in its recently…
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The future is now and other credit card news to know this week

Taylor Tompkins

This week’s (un)lucky number is: 56 percent More than half of data breaches this year have jeopardized Social Security numbers, making it a scary time to be someone with those essential nine-digit identifiers. Your SSN could be used to get…
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Mirror, mirror, will you order this dress in black, and charge it to my card?

Jay MacDonald

The dressing room of the future is here, and it has smart mirrors designed to make it easier to slip into haute couture mode without those time-consuming side trips to the accessories wall – or the checkout counter. From Sept. 23…
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6 ways to stack your savings on Amazon Prime Day

Jeff Herman

If you’ve been putting off buying an Amazon Echo, today may be the day. It’s hard to ignore the Prime Day emails, tweets and even news coverage, so if you give in and shop Amazon today, stretch your dollars and…
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