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Criminal Charges: Volume XXII — Fraudsters on holiday

Jeremy Simon

The credit card crime stories assembled for this week’s edition of Criminal Charges show that when fraudsters take a trip, it is often at the expenses of law-abiding cardholders. Proving that point, we have a trio of Malaysians who ran up some major fraudulent charges while vacationing in New Zealand, a Massachusetts travel agency that scammed its customers and a Vermont thief who proved just how cold ski vacations can be.
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Rent a movie, lose your identity

Emily Crone

You’ve probably seen a redbox, that large DVD rental machine, at your local McDonalds or Wal-Mart. Perhaps you regularly rent movies from one of the 7,400 machines across the country. An American Banker newsletter just put word out that the redbox company has fallen victim to a skim scam. Because of this, some redbox customers may find themselves identity theft victims.
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