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Something called a ‘Death Master File’ ought to be accurate

Kelly Dilworth

Denied credit because the Social Security Administration thinks you’re dead? There’s still hope. A bipartisan duo of U.S. senators have introduced legislation to make the administration’s master list of dead people more accurate.

Senators Tom Coburn and Tom Carper are trying to pass legislation that they say will significantly improve the accuracy of the Social Security Administration’s notoriously spotty death records.

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Bill would truncate Social Security numbers

Jay MacDonald

By virtue of their permanence, our Social Security numbers have grown into the all-purpose numeric can opener with which we file our income tax, acquire mortgages and open bank accounts and credit cards.

And as Hamlet would put it, there’s the rub, because con artists also have come to covet our Social as their quickest means to slip into our identity, steal our IRS refund and/or open and abuse a credit card in our name.

Why not make it harder on them, the way we do with credit card numbers, by requiring the numbers be truncated?

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When it comes to Social Security cards, Mom’s always right

Aundraya Ruse

From the day my mother handed over my Social Security card to me, she warned me against ever carrying it with me.

If only I had listened.

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Use new debit card to receive Social Security benefits

Emily Crone

Social Security recipients now have the option of accepting payments via a debit MasterCard instead of paper checks, which increases safety and lowers fees for the unbanked.
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