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Game on: Players zap Sony, Microsoft over digital rights policies

Jay MacDonald

Gone, apparently, are the days when gaming was a fairly straightforward pastime: You bought the CD, popped it into your (or a friend’s) computer, and when the thrill was gone, you sold it used.

Gamers who previously enjoyed freely swapping and selling their games will now have limits placed on them — and they’re not reacting well, threatening credit card boycotts of the giant game-makers.

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Sony PlayStation data breach: Hackers claim they have 2.2 million credit card numbers

Daniel Ray

News organizations that have sniffed around hacker chatrooms say that some of their denizens are offering 2.2 million credit card numbers they say they hacked from Sony PlayStation’s database of online users.

Sony, meanwhile, is trying to reassure its customers, saying there’s still no evidence that the card numbers were hacked, and besides, they were stored in an encrypted fashion.
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