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Starbucks gift cards are now just a text away

Taylor Tompkins

Do you have a Starbucks addiction? Do you know someone with a Starbucks addiction? Do you have an iPhone with the latest update? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, boy, are you in for a…
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Goodbye, Starbucks, and your watered-down rewards

Sienna Kossman

I’ve been a loyal Starbucks customer and reward program user for the past five years — so much so that I once received a shiny, personalized reloadable gift card to congratulate my monthly spending status. I’ve been quite a faithful…
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Steel yourself: the new Starbucks metal card is going for serious coin

Jay MacDonald

In the mood for some heavy metal this holiday season? Forget the new Starbucks Metal Card. The latest must-have gift card for the over-caffeinated became a has-been before it been-was, selling out its entire 5,000-card limited edition run in less time than it takes a crack barista to pull a caramel macchiato.

If you simply must have one of the $400 cards, your best bet now is eBay, where the price runs in the four digits.

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Emily’s list: Starbucks Square edition

Emily Crone

Mobile payments have slowly but surely wriggled their way into American markets. Starbucks was ahead of the curve, introducing an app last year that allowed customers to pay with their phone. Starting this fall, the coffee empire is switching to using Square, a company whose mobile app allows you to pay “effortlessly.” Your card on file will be charged, and you quickly leave the counter. In the future, things will get a little sci-fi. You won’t even need to take anything out of your pocket–you will be detected via GPS.

I think this will be really cool if Square catches on with other merchants. Though it takes away any tangible aspect of paying, which makes me wonder if people will find it easier to spend since it will just feel like play money. Read on for my roundup of my favorite posts from the personal finance blogosphere from the past week.

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Starbucks’ mobile payment app sees explosive growth

Matt Schulz

Millions of people have made purchases at Starbucks using just their smartphones, the coffee mega-retailer said.

That announcement on March 23 — perhaps our strong indication yet of people’s appetites for using mobile payments to buy everyday items — made headlines, but it’s just the latest example of the continued mainstreaming of mobile payments.

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