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Battle of the cards: Amazon Prime or Target Redcard?

Kelly Dilworth

If you want to save big on your everyday purchases, a store card with an ongoing 5 percent cash back bonus – such as the new Amazon Prime credit card or the Target Redcard – could net you a substantial…
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Don’t have a chip card yet? Call your issuer

Sienna Kossman

The nationwide Oct. 1 EMV migration deadline is less than two weeks away, and I don’t have a single chip card in my wallet. I have four credit cards from four different issuers, but since the news broke that the…
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GE deal hints at changes in store cards

Fred Williams

GE is known for manufacturing, but it is also the biggest player in the store cards arena. Now it is looking to exit that business, and tighter bank regulation is cited as one of the reasons. But potential changes in store for store cards could have a bigger impact on cardholders than GE’s corporate shuffle.
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