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How to get a credit card late payment fee waived in 4 easy steps

Matt Schulz

It was all my fault, and I felt awful about it. Worse yet, I was stuck with it, unless I got a break.

I’m talking about a $25 late payment penalty fee on a department store credit card that I opened within the last few months. As so many people have, I signed up for the card at the checkout counter, largely for the discount, and didn’t really concern myself with the interest rate. But I would pay it all off in a big hurry, so I didn’t have much to worry about – or so I thought.

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Fisticuffs over store credit cards

Jeremy Simon

Add this item to the list of dangers involved with store credit cards: In Wauwatosa, Wis., fists began flying after a promotion in a local Kmart resulted in approvals for anyone seeking a store credit card, reports television station WISN.
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