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Auto and student loan debt? It’s not all that bad

Sienna Kossman

I am officially the owner of a 3-year-old, new-to-me car and a $9,300 auto loan. If you’ve been following my student loan debt saga, this news may come as a surprise. I’ll admit I’ve had a couple brief moments of buyer’s remorse since signing the papers, but despite all that, I firmly believe I made a good financial decision.
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Report slams Education Department use of debt collectors

Fred Williams

Commission-driven collectors have little incentive to steer borrowers toward programs that help them make affordable payments and complete their degrees, according to a consumer advocate group.
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New bill takes aim at student borrowers’ financial cluelessness

Kelly Dilworth

A group of Democratic senators are trying to pass a bill that’s supposed to help curb the number of impressionable teens and college students who sign up for bigger student loans than they can afford.

I wish something like that existed when I was a clueless teen.

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When it comes to marriage, how much debt is too much?

Kelly Dilworth

Would you call off your wedding if you just found out your partner was deeply in debt? How about if he missed a couple of credit card payments and now has a black mark on his credit report?

It’s an uncomfortable question, and the answer you get depends on the person you ask — and the depth of the financial damage, according to a recent study by TD Ameritrade.

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President crashes personal finance party

Daniel Ray

President Obama tells personal finance writers about his early years managing debt: “I went to law school and much of my college was on scholarship. So did my wife. We were still paying off our student debt nine years after I graduated from law school. Our first home was a modest condo and I remember scraping together the down payment to purchase it at prevailing interests rates.

“When Michelle and I first met, the car I was driving I think I bought it for $500 and it had a big rust spot in it that you could see the road from the passenger side, so I know Michelle wasn’t marrying me for my money. We had credit card debt that was tough to pay off.”

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