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Be mine and other credit news to know this week

Taylor Tompkins

This week’s (un)lucky number is: 71 percent That’s the number of baby boomers who had nonmortgage debt when they hit ages 56-61. If you’re not there quite yet, pay down your debt as soon as possible. If you are there, you still…
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Super Bowl scam: Buy big-screen TV, return it days later

Jay MacDonald

Ah, Super Bowl LII weekend! Put your feet up, grab a cold one and watch all the festivities on that new ginormous-screen TV you bought last week and plan to return bright and early Monday morning. The ink won’t even…
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Cookie Monster and other credit news to know this week

Taylor Tompkins

This week’s (un)lucky number is: 3 percent That’s how much you could be making on that “Dog Lives Matter” necklace that you definitely should not buy but probably are going to anyway. You could be getting 3 percent back on all…
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Susie’s Super Bowl adventure: a cautionary tale

Matt Schulz

The weather was a mess. Cabbies went on strike, making it tough to get around. And worst of all, her most hated team won the championship.

But none of that mattered to Susie Supalo. Her trip to the Super Bowl — earned by redeeming more than 300,000 rewards points from her NFL credit card — was still a thrill.

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Super Bowl credit card commercials — a look back

Jeremy Simon

You don’t have to be a bank executive — or even a personal finance reporter — to know the last few years have been rough for credit card issuers. Amid the economic downturn and some negative publicity over their treatment of customers, banks decided to bypass the cost and visibility of creating Super Bowl commercials for the most recent NFL championships.

And it looks like we won’t see any new credit card promotional spots during the commercial breaks for this year’s Super Bowl XLV. Expect a lot of car ads, along with the requisite celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, a Claymationated Eminem and an oddball pairing of Justin Bieber with Ozzy Osbourne (can a duets album be far behind?).

With that grim reality facing those of us who enjoy the commercials as much (or more) than the game itself, here’s a look back at some noteworthy credit card ads from Super Bowls gone by:

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