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Conflicting rulings may send surcharge debate to Supreme Court

Jay MacDonald

Is the surcharge we pay for paying with plastic a form of merchant free speech protected by the First Amendment or just a sneaky way of tricking us into springing for the merchant’s card transaction “swipe” fee? That credit card…
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Why a phantom credit card surcharge makes sense to retailers

Fred Williams

After a lengthy court battle, merchants recently gained the ability to slap surcharges on Visa and MasterCard transactions, to recover interchange fees.
But most retailers say they have no plans to charge extra for card purchases. Instead, they view the surcharge as a deterrent against the growth of transaction costs, which are linked to rewards cards.
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NY attorney general cracks down on credit card surcharges

Daniel Ray

New York state attorney general cracks down on Long Island gas stations that charge a surcharge for use of credit cards.
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