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My budget-buster: first-kid spending splurges

Kelly Dilworth

After arguing with my spouse over whether or not we could afford to set aside more money for retirement, I recently completed an overdue audit of my spending. As I scrolled through the list of impulsive transactions, I realized I…
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Card hacking tops list of crime concerns

Sienna Kossman

The majority of consumers are more afraid of falling victim to a retail data breach than getting burglarized, mugged or even murdered, according to a new Gallup survey.
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Colleges should re-evaluate tuition payment policies

Sienna Kossman

While conducting a survey of 300 higher education institution’s credit card payment policies for CreditCards.com, I learned there are many factors that play into whether colleges and universities accept credit card tuition payments but, at the end of the day, it seemed to me that schools can do more to keep card payment fees lower and the convenience high.
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Mom’s financial advice sticks for many of us

Connie Prater

What do you remember about what your mom told you about managing your money?

If you’re lucky you had a money-wise mom who taught you the importance of saving something for a rainy day or a nest egg. Not everyone was blessed with such mentoring — from either parent. If that were the case and the advice stuck, we would all be like Warren Buffett, the billionaire investment guru.

A new survey published this week in time for Mother’s Day found that the most popular words of wisdom remembered from mom were: “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Surely, many of us recall this from mom or grandma or some other caregiver, perhaps when we left the water faucet running too long or left an empty room with the lights on.

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Shop till you drop: Top 50 fashion-spending cities

Julie Sherrier

A Mint.com survey about clothes shopping got my attention this morning — particularly the statistics on how much people around the country spend every month on clothes and accessories.

On average, according to the survey, people spend between 15 percent and 23 percent of their discretionary spending on the stuff we wear. Not surprisingly, Manhattan ranked No. 1, with folks there doling out 21 percent or $362 a month on fashion. San Francisco is No. 2, and Dallas (which is no surprise to us Texans) came in at No. 3.

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