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Walmart expands the (scan-and-checkout) future of shopping

Antonio Ruiz-Camacho

Walmart is expanding the deployment of a scan-and-go technology that could potentially transform the way we shop at brick-and-mortar stores. The nation’s largest retailer is rolling out the new service in at least 10 additional locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth and…
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Techy IoT Malibu rum bottle will drive you to drink

Jay MacDonald

In the “Internet of things” (or IoT) world, every problem, however slight, is just one technological connection away from a solution. Our refrigerators remotely take inventory and purchase their own contents online. Our home security systems text us with updates…
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At music festivals, cashless is all the rage

Kimberley Carmona

Goodbye, expensive ATMs on music festival fairgrounds! Music festivals across the globe are going cashless. Instead of worrying about losing a card or being forced to use those high-fee ATMs on site, festivalgoers can focus on the music instead of…
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Can fintech revolution preserve consumer protections?

Fred Williams

At a daylong forum about new banking technology, one question electrified the audience. “Do consumers still need a bank?” asked Grovetta Gardineer, a senior staffer at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the 153-year-old regulator of national banks.…
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5 favorite apps to save money while traveling

Julie Loffredi

As a former TV news reporter turned travel guru, I’m always jetting off somewhere. Remember those old American Express commercials with Karl Malden? The thing I can’t leave home without is my smartphone. The travel apps on my phone have…
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