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Mobile wallet herd-thinning needed

Sienna Kossman

Mobile wallets have been creeping onto the U.S. digital payment scene for a few years now with the enticing premise of making payments simply by tapping a button or scanning a bar code on a smartphone, but with all the different types, it may be hard for consumers to get on board with the idea of mobile wallets, let alone even understand what they are.
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Coin looks to rule the credit card realm

Jay MacDonald

Guys, do you long for relief from years of sitting atop a leather-bound lump of credit cards?

Ladies, are you sick of fumbling through that plastic vault of Visas, these-as and those-as that you routinely slot and shove willy-nilly into your wallet and purse?

Behold the Coin: the card to literally end all cards.

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The straight poop about fast-food self-service kiosks

Matt Schulz

Looking for a place for my kid to use the potty, I managed to stumble across a quicker way to get through the line at a fast-food joint.
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Young, savvy and vulnerable

It was my friend Brian’s first time applying for a credit card. He was 19, and his parents thought it would be a good

idea for him to start building his credit score. As Brian and his parents discussed his application with the banker, they were both surprised to learn that he already had a credit card – five, in fact. There were also surprised to learn that he never paid his bills and had an affinity for expensive jewelry.

Brian, of course, was a victim of identity theft. Several years later, and despite professional help, he still hasn’t

managed to clear his name. He’s not alone. Identity theft is a growing problem, rising 12 percent in 2008, and it is a crime that can affect any person at any age. However, the virtual lifestyle of most young people places them at an increased risk, and they must take extra precautions to avoid becoming victims.

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Sleepy Dems swipe eco-friendly, wooden hotel ‘keys’

Daniel Ray

When Democrats leave their convention events in Denver and head back to their hotel rooms, they may have sweeping oratory in their ears, but they’ll be carrying wood chips in their pockets.
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