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Are you inviting junk cellphone calls?

Fred Williams

Cellphones have a built-in measure of privacy that you may be giving away without realizing it. Something as innocuous as downloading a ring tone can make you a target of unwanted calls.
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FTC’s Operation Tele-PHONEY: corny name, but serious business

Jeremy Simon

In its biggest sweep ever targeting telemarketing fraud, the FTC announced “Operation Tele-PHONEY,” a partnership with more than 30 international, federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. According to a Web cast and press release issued today, the FTC has filed federal district court complaints against “13 allegedly deceptive telemarketing operations.” The FTC estimates that the law enforcement actions will save consumers around $30 million over the next year.
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Have a happy (and less interrupted by telemarketers) New Year

Connie Prater

The New Year brings a new federal regulation that will help prevent more telemarketers from pestering you with offers during the dinner hour at home, spamming your email boxes or clogging your home mailbox with junk mail.
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