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Hurricane Harvey wreck your trip? How your credit card may come to the rescue

Summer Hull

Hurricane season is a part of life for those who live in or travel to areas near the coast. For cities in that geographical zone it isn’t a matter of whether there will be a tropical system that wreaks havoc…
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Hidden card benefit: Save money and sanity in airport lounges

Stephanie Zito

Airports are full of crowds, lines, delays, poor and expensive food choices, pushy passengers, and often grumpy airline agents, but your credit cards often can help you escape much of that. Airports, you see, are secretly one of my happy…
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6 questions to ask when choosing a rewards card

Kelly Dilworth

When applying for a rewards card, it pays to think carefully about how and when you’ll use it. A rewards card that sounds good on paper could wind up being a poor fit if you don’t take advantage of all…
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