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Emily’s list: Halloween edition

Emily Crone

BOO! It’s Halloween, and that means it’s time to get scared. But are your bank accounts and credit card statements frightening you instead of haunted houses and horror movies? Read these posts from the best of the personal blogosphere to help you face your financial fears.
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Report: Citi may bring back universal default, ‘any time, any reason’ rate hikes

Daniel Ray

In March 2007, amid fanfare and praise from usual critics, Citi dropped two unpopular credit card practices — universal default and “any time, any reason” rate hikes. A news report says they’re considering bringing them back
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Credit card rates in Peru to jump 40 percent

Julie Sherrier

A recent article published on livinginperu.com announced that some credit card holders in Peru will see interest rate jumps as high as 40 percent in the next few weeks.
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