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Walmart expands the (scan-and-checkout) future of shopping

Antonio Ruiz-Camacho

Walmart is expanding the deployment of a scan-and-go technology that could potentially transform the way we shop at brick-and-mortar stores. The nation’s largest retailer is rolling out the new service in at least 10 additional locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth and…
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‘¡Carguelo a mi cuenta!’ campaign retreats among Mexican banks

Julie Sherrier

Mexico’s love affair with high-interest credit cards appears to have been a short-term romance.
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Santa, baby…cover my bills?

Emily Crone

New Christmas-themed panties in the juniors department at Wal-Mart have been removed from the store due to complaining parents. What’s all the fuss? The front said of the panties said, “Who needs credit cards…” The booty read, “When you have Santa.” Apparently these mothers don’t want their daughters to think Santa is their sugar daddy.
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