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Terrorists make Isis too toxic a brand

Jay MacDonald

Isis,the mobile payments venture, pondered, “What’s in a name?” The answer came quickly: too much baggage. The company announced Monday it will shed its name and come up with another, since the acronym ISIS has been contaminated by the terrorist group operating in Iraq and Syria.
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New job, stolen wallet make for a tragic-comic summer

What a summer. Cue the blistering heat, the West Nile virus scare, the Michael Phelps Olympics and the amped-up rhetoric of election year politics. For me, this summer also included a new beginning and some hard lessons learned.

It was the Fourth of July. I decided to begin the day by making an appearance at my nearby gym. After a bout with the treadmill, I placed my valuables in a locker, locked it, took my shower and returned to the locker room 10 minutes later to find something was not … quite … right.
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Check your Facebook privacy settings

Emily Crone

It used to be easy to manage your privacy settings to prevent things from going public, but in the last few years, Facebook has made it harder and harder to control who sees what information. Some parts of your profile were set to be publicly viewed by default, so if you didn’t know to go in and change it, you were unknowingly broadcasting your party pictures to your boss. At one point I just gave up trying to figure it out, and didn’t know if some of my information was publicly visible or not. I’m not crazy–CNN says the site currently has more than 170 privacy options. No wonder I was lost!

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Credit card-sized pocket light fits in your wallet

Jeremy Simon

While it won’t magnify the fine print on your cardholder agreement, this credit card-sized pocket light could nevertheless make your day just a little brighter.
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