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Dick Tracy calling: wristwatch that can make payments to debut in US

Jay MacDonald

Do you long to own an expensive watch? Or perhaps harbor a secret childhood fascination with Dick Tracy’s two-way wrist radio?

The time is nigh, my friends. Prepare to strap on the arm-candy of your dreams. Well, close to your dreams anyway.

This April, U.S. banks that use the TransCard prepaid system will unveil the Watch2Pay, a wristwatch with a removable SIM card that tells time old-school (analog) but pulls off contactless MasterCard PayPass prepaid purchases with a flick of the wrist.

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Kenneth I. Starr, Arnie Klein in big money trouble

Ann Brenoff

Kenneth I. Starr, accountant to the stars, has bilked celebrity investor clients out of millions of dollars and is now facing jail and bankruptcy. And dermatologist to the stars, Arnie Klein, who treated the likes of Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor, has also filed for bankruptcy protection.

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