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How do you define wealth? For me, it’s a menu

Erica Sandberg

Like countless Americans, I struggled financially throughout young adulthood. During those lean years, I fantasized about an easier life, one that did not include trying to stretch every single cent to the maximum. Everyone has a different definition of wealth.…
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Emily’s list: Mother’s Day edition

Emily Crone

Sunday is Mother’s Day. Did that catch any of you stragglers off guard?

Our mothers and our fathers are pivotal in how we learn about money and finance. We observe our parents’ spending habits, attitudes and values about money, and we often carry that to adulthood with us. Some of us are gifted with very financially savvy parents, while others aren’t as lucky. One of the many joys of life is becoming financially independent and discovering exactly how you and your parents differ on issues like budgeting, saving and investing.

But regardless of your parent’s spending habits, mothers deserve to be cherished this Sunday. Don’t feel like you have to break the bank to please Mom; there are plenty of inexpensive ways to celebrate her. Here are some ideas to get you started.

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