Your greatest credit hits (and misses), available on CD

Brady Porche

What would you do if you received your credit report on an audio CD instead of in print or a PDF? Would you pop it into your car’s CD player, roll your windows down and cruise to the sounds of…
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People who love payday loans are hard to find

Fred Williams

Lee Edmundson doesn’t want a federal rule to limit his access to payday loans. At least not according to the official record. “If the government limits the number of days I can have a loan, there will be many times…
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Online shopping busts waistlines and budgets

Erica Sandberg

If you’ve been putting on extra pounds while also overspending, tech-based shopping may be the cause. It’s all too easy to slump over your laptop, tablet or smartphone and order away with a card on file. Soon the goods come…
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6 money-saving reasons to keep your receipts

Kelly Dilworth

Do yourself a favor as you begin holiday shopping. Take five minutes and create a system for saving your receipts. It can save you money. A number of consumer and credit card protections work only if you hold onto your…
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Gas stations get 3-year extension on EMV transition

Kelly Dilworth

If you’re usually in a hurry when you’re pumping gas and don’t want to wait an extra 15 seconds or more for an EMV reader to process your card payment, it now will be a few more years before you’re asked…
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