When it comes to using credit cards responsibly, today's college students are surprisingly good at handling high-interest credit, according to a new Ohio State University study. The trend toward responsible credit use might not last for long, however. Additional research released this year shows that younger college students aren't nearly as responsible.

Should U.S. credit card companies impose American morals on other countries?

Workers in Australia's adult legal sex trade certainly don't think so, but that's what has happened as three major credit card networks stopped processing payments for a publication that advertises sex workers in both countries.

I've always been super careful about paying all my bills on time. So last week when I answered a call from an unknown number only to learn it was a debt collector, my stomach dropped.

In the corporate world, where he began his career, Ivan Hand's $1.7 million paycheck for 2013 wouldn't be remarkable for a top executive. But he leads a nonprofit that gets much of its income from struggling debtors.

Beginning in September, Synchrony Bank -- the issuer behind a number of popular store cards, including the Sam's Club MasterCard, the Gap Visa and the eBay MasterCard -- will begin offering cardholders personalized pricing and discounts based on data it gleaned from Synchrony Bank-issued credit cards.

How much is that doggie on the Internet? The one with the waggly tail? How much is that doggie in the window? You'd better hope that dog's really for sale. Some consumers have wound up forking out hundreds or thousands of dollars for a cute little puppy or kitty that doesn't even exist.

An Experian survey found credit cards are the payment method of choice for most travelers, but that often results in overspending and card debt. Before you head out on vacation, check out the following travel budgeting tips that can help keep you out of debt and prepared to repay it.

If you're short on cash and can't qualify for a low rate credit card or personal loan, a high interest payday loan may seem like your only option. Don't give up just yet: A growing number of startups are introducing innovative tools for consumers in a cash crunch and, in some cases, offering loans at significantly lower rates.

Holding onto a student credit card almost two years after graduating from college is starting to feel like I'm holding onto a security blanket so I think it's time I graduate to a mature credit card. According to my issuer, I have a few options:

Banks are charging a near-record markup on credit cards, even as rates they're paying for funds are at historic lows. It's happening in Australia, and in the United States. But there, it's causing controversy, here, it's not.

Personal finance experts frequently tell shoppers to save money on food by buying in bulk, watching out for sales and cooking food at home. But according to a new study in the International Journal of Consumer Studies, those tactics could cause you to spend more money in the long run by encouraging you to buy more food than you'll eat.

Oi! Sid Vicious here, back at yer beck and call! I know, I know: Yer probably thought you'd seen the last of me, just cuz I slipped off the old sod way back in '79. Well, I'm back -- at least in vinyl form -- thanks to me longtime mate, Sir Richard bloody Branson.

I've successfully avoided adding ramen noodles to my diet while repaying my student loans, but I'm revisiting my initial plan to see how I can pay down even more debt this year.

To me, driving to a bank and meeting face-to-face with an adviser is not only time-consuming, it's a surefire way to limit my options and risk missing out on better deals. According to a spate of recent studies, I'm not the only millennial who feels that way.

Comes now one Robert Chat, a 38-year-old maker of swords from (wait for it) Florida, whom Choice Hotels International claims weaseled them out of $48,500 in gift cards from their Choice Privileges rewards program by not staying in its Clarions, Comfort Inns and Econo Lodges.

A self-proclaimed mobile wallet cynic, I thought I'd give Android Pay a fair chance by delving into its features to see if it can change my mind.

It's hardly uncommon for professional athletes to wonder what's in the cards for them when their playing days draw to a close. Unfortunately, police in Scottsdale, Ariz. say former NBA All-Star Chris Gatling knew exactly what was in the cards for him: a lucrative second career in online credit fraud.

Researchers studied thousands of overdue card debts to determine what separates payers from non-payers. They found that banks' traditional credit standards aren't good at predicting who will pay once a balance goes delinquent.

If your finances are merged, should you ever keep a purchase hidden from your partner, even if it's just a small expense?

Despite rising student loan balances, student loans aren't crippling young adults' financial abilities like many believe, according to a TransUnion study.

If you frequently use your credit cards to pay for unforeseen expenses, you may want to take a closer look at your monthly budget. According to the inaugural study from the J.P. Morgan Chase Institute, many people endure significant fluctuations in their monthly income and expenses, but fail to adjust their monthly spending when their income temporarily recedes.

Using popular social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, scammers are soliciting individuals with schemes that promise "quick cash" if victims share their debit account information, PIN number or ATM card. It's an emerging scam known as "card cracking."

Shopping on your smartphone may be more convenient than visiting a brick-and-mortar retailer, but it could also cause you to spend more than you would otherwise, according to a new study published in the Journal of Retailing.

Carrying excess credit card debt isn't just bad for your credit score; it can also take a toll on your mental health, according to a new study published in the Journal of Family and Economic Issues.

Along with wedding season brings wedding costs -- even if you're only attending the wedding as a guest or the bridal party and not actually getting married. Here are five tips to help you save on wedding party expenses without being a cheapskate or worse, irritating the busy, happy couple.

Judi Strong used her own savings to start her small business in Lexington, Kentucky, 15 years ago. Now she says federal regulators are about to close her down. At first it sounds like a horror story about big, callous government. But Strong doesn't run a bakery or a corner store. She's the owner of Cash in a Dash, a payday loan company with five offices in the Lexington area. "I just feel like it's a needed business," Strong said in an interview. Many of her customers are regulars, she said, who use small loans to tide them over between paychecks the way other people use credit cards. But her customers pay interest rates many times higher than credit cards, even the most expensive ones.


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