Facebook, Snapchat for transferring funds? Maybe.

Kimberley Carmona

Once a month, my roommate will text me the total amount of my share of the utility bills. Instead of writing her a check or finding a Chase ATM, I just Venmo her. Venmo is one of my favorite mobile…
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For some borrowers, debt can literally hurt

Kelly Dilworth

Debt hurts – literally. A growing body of research suggests that excessive debt affects not only people’s mental health and well-being, but it also makes some people physically ache. A recent study published in the journal Psychological Science found that people…
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Biometric scanner lets you pay bar tab by giving the finger

Jay MacDonald

Should a new biometric scanner making its debut next month at a London nightclub catch on, you may one day be able to pay your bartender by giving them the finger. No, not that finger, Einstein; your index finger! What…
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4 stupid mistakes I made after suspecting card fraud

Julie Loffredi

“Hi, I’d like to report a fraud….” I’ve made plenty of calls to the fraud departments of my card issuers in recent years. Crooks seem to have a knack for stealing my card info, and unauthorized charges have turned up…
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Flying as a family may soon be easier and cheaper

Jenny Hoff

Parents flying with kids may soon breathe eaiser, or at least closer together: According to a section of the recently approved reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration, parents may not have to pay extra to sit next to their kids on planes. As…
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