Six tips for budget travel

Jenny Hoff

Having lived on three continents and growing up in a family that owns a travel business, I have had many years to perfect the art of traveling on a budget. I’ve managed to visit 50 countries and counting, all for…
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Don’t dismiss tax fraud concerns, be alert

Sienna Kossman

If your tax season is more about getting the highest tax refund possible and less about protecting yourself from fraud, you might want to rethink your priorities. Tax fraud is a real threat this year. The IRS is currently on…
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Banks stand behind December interest rate increase

Fred Williams

Most big banks started charging higher interest rates on credit card balances days before — or weeks before — the prime rate increased on Dec. 17, 2015. The prime rate increase was the justification for the higher card rates. So…
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Experts ring bell for better financial literacy instruction in schools

Kelly Dilworth
Financial literacy

Progress toward teaching financial literacy in American schools has stalled, according to the latest state-by-state survey by the Council for Economic Education, As a result, many U.S. students still aren’t receiving a quality financial education, says the council’s “Survey of…
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Struggling millennials should reconsider expensive city living

Sienna Kossman

If you’re a young adult drowning in debt and still relying on mom and dad for financial help, get out of town. I mean it. Leave. Move. Studies suggest that while big cities like New York City and Washington, D.C.,…
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