5 favorite apps to save money while traveling

Julie Loffredi

As a former TV news reporter turned travel guru, I’m always jetting off somewhere. Remember those old American Express commercials with Karl Malden? The thing I can’t leave home without is my smartphone. The travel apps on my phone have…
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A tip of the hat to tip-free restaurants

Jenny Hoff

I had my first experience at a tip-free restaurant, and it was great — as in absolutely no difference in the quality of service I received. I wrote in a previous post about the tipping phenomenon at coffee shops that…
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Beware: Pricey upsells take the free out of free credit reports

Fred Williams

You hear the advice again and again: Look at your credit reports every year. It is your right, and they are free from the federally approved website I’m adding one footnote: Watch out for the upsell. Otherwise you’ll be…
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College students don’t graduate with credit knowledge

Sienna Kossman

Soon-to-be college graduates are eager to get their diplomas, start a job and begin their post-grad life, but many don’t feel equipped with enough financial and credit knowledge to do so — and some think colleges and universities are to…
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