Worry about payment security, yes. Take precautions, no

Sienna Kossman

Americans may be joyously getting ready to feast on turkey and pie before shopping this weekend but there’s still a pretty significant worry weighing on their minds: payment security. A survey of more than 1,000 U.S. adults conducted by…
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Next year in Havana, bring debit

Jay MacDonald

For decades, the customary New Years’ toast here in Florida has been, “Next year in Havana!” While that heartfelt wish — typically offered up by Cuban expats hoping to one day repatriate to their homeland — has been getting closer…
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Studies: Data breach victims more likely to sign up for fraud protection

Kelly Dilworth

As large-scale data breaches become more common, the credit bureaus peddling pricey credit monitoring services could see a pop in sales, according to new research from the Federal Reserve. Researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia analyzed how consumers…
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Guard the last 4 digits of your Social Security number – they’re all ID thieves need

Karen Queen

A recent phone call I received about a financial account tested my “pay-dar” — my internal warning system for scammers out to make me pay by stealing my personal information — and taught me a new lesson about how to…
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Tipping via chip card makes a change toward the awkward

Sienna Kossman

Just as we’re getting used to dipping chip-equipped cards instead of swiping them, we may also need to get used to new tipping procedures. Last Wednesday I went to a local coffee shop I’ve never been to before and had…
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