Free FICO scores lead to more responsible card users

Kelly Dilworth

Before my husband had free access to his credit score, he rarely talked about his credit. Until a few months ago, when he started accessing his score through his credit card issuer, he only pulled his credit report once out…
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4 ways EMV may change US fraud landscape

Sienna Kossman

In the wake of last week’s EMV fraud liability shift, industry experts are looking ahead to how this major payment system change will impact fraud in the U.S. An Oct. 1 webinar from Fiserv and American Banker examined how fraudsters…
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Empty nest, full wallet? Not so fast

Karen Queen

After 22 years, our nest emptied this summer when our son finished college and left for the Air Force and our daughter began college.  After wiping away a few tears, I put away the tissue and took out my calculator.…
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Microchips photo-bomb customized cards

Fred Williams

Call me sentimental, but I’m not ready for an EMV chip card yet. My Capital One Visa has a custom image on the front that makes it unique. It features Bertha, my dear old cat, now departed, napping blissfully on…
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Experian breach is scary, but could be worse

Fred Williams

A data breach at Experian is about as scary as it gets, considering the huge trove of sensitive consumer information stored at the big credit bureau. “Since it’s their business to store and monitor and protect (consumer) information, this is…
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