Surprising things you can buy from Facebook chatbots

Brady Porche

Facebook has built its massive success on interactions between people, but now chatty robots are taking over. In September, the social media network announced users of its Messenger app will soon be able to buy products directly from “chatbots” —…
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Maximizing junk email for deals and steals

Julie Loffredi

Shoppers now can rarely leave a website or a store without being asked for an email address at checkout. While I cringe at volunteering for more emails, signing up for promotions from brands I use has helped me score some…
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How the Sapphire Reserve changed my mind about annual fee cards

Kelly Dilworth

When I first started covering credit cards, I was skeptical of annual fee cards. It seemed like a waste of money to spend $50 to $100 a year or more on another piece of plastic. Cards that charged three-figure annual…
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How a DIY mentality adds up to savings

Erica Sandberg

A couple of weeks ago I was nearly $800 poorer. I had gone to the doctor to ask about getting a pesky little skin tag removed. However, since he deemed it a cosmetic procedure, insurance wouldn’t cover the bill. So…
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How a holiday temp job can boost your credit

Susan Johnston Taylor

Trees have barely begun to shed their leaves for fall, but retailers are already hiring armies of additional workers for the holiday retail season. Target announced plans to hire 70,000 seasonal workers in its stores (same number as last year), UPS…
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