Experts ring bell for better financial literacy instruction in schools

Kelly Dilworth
Financial literacy

Progress toward teaching financial literacy in American schools has stalled, according to the latest state-by-state survey by the Council for Economic Education, As a result, many U.S. students still aren’t receiving a quality financial education, says the council’s “Survey of…
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Struggling millennials should reconsider expensive city living

Sienna Kossman

If you’re a young adult drowning in debt and still relying on mom and dad for financial help, get out of town. I mean it. Leave. Move. Studies suggest that while big cities like New York City and Washington, D.C.,…
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Did banks jump the gun on card rate hikes?

Fred Williams

My credit card bumped up my APR for December because of the rise in the prime rate on Dec. 17. It’s a variable rate card, like most bank-issued cards these days, so increases in the prime rate can be passed…
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Stress from debt can trickle down to kids

Kelly Dilworth

Parents thinking about charging toys, vacations or other nonessential expenses to their cards may want to hold off if they can’t afford to repay those purchases in full. According to a new study in the journal Pediatrics, charging more than…
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The tip jar goes digital, and it’s costing you

Jenny Hoff

In case you haven’t noticed yet, there is a new tip jar popping up at coffee shops and food trucks, and it’s in the shape of a shiny tablet. If you use your credit card to pay for small purchases,…
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