Millennials are thumbing their noses at credit cards and traditional banking services, according to multiple reports, and that's making some people in the financial services industry nervous about how they're going to attract such a picky crowd.

The credit bureaus are stepping in with some credit score deals for a very low price, but not all the scores are the same and for some, if you're not careful, buying into a cheap credit score deal could actually cost you more in the long run.

A forgiven loan can put hundreds or thousands of dollars on your tax return -- even if the money never went into your pocket.

The next time you reward your kids for good behavior, you might want to hold off on showering them with toys. According to a forthcoming study in the Journal of Consumer Research, kids who are frequently given material objects in exchange for doing well are more likely to grow up to be materialistic adults.

Being overly optimistic about your finances can potentially hinder smart financial planning, according to a LearnVest survey which found people under 25 feel confident about their financial future and potential earnings, despite doing very little planning and saving now.

In the spirit of moving forward and continuing to grow financially, I've come up with three credit-based financial goals I want to accomplish by the end of 2015. They aren't huge, but I think these are all resolutions I can easily stick to. Here's my credit plan for the New Year:

It's been more than six weeks since my husband and I had a baby. But we still have no idea how much we owe for medical expenses from our recent hospital stay.

The credit card business of Cabela's, the outdoors superstore, has been in the sights of bank regulators more than once. Now it looks to be out of the woods, after removing costly traps that snared cardholders.

Ever since we learned we were having a baby last spring, my husband and I have been obsessed with saving money. I'd always imagined enrolling my kids in the same kinds of summer and after-school enrichment programs I enjoyed growing up. But now that our son is here, I'm beginning to realize my own kids may not be so lucky.

Can a data warehouse help consumers check out debt collectors when they demand payment on an old bill? A new company is taking aim at one of the big problems with debt collection.

You know how my previous wish list included one of those stainless steel wallets that blocks digital pickpockets from hacking your credit card information right through your back pocket? Cancel that. I've discovered something waaay more fun: RFID-blocking bluejeans.

Last week marked my second month of auto loan repayment, a $130 checking account overdraft and a three-day long financial headache when I logged onto my online banking account and found a duplicate auto loan payment was made. This is how the situation unfolded:

Let's leap to the Netherlands, where scientists at the University of Twente have published a paper that shows the way to fraud-free, unclonable credit and debit cards of the future that would make Zaphod Beeblebrox of "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" twerk. The breakthrough relies on the

Medical costs are so complicated, they sometimes even stump the experts. During a regulatory hearing last week, panelists shared their own headache-inducing run-ins with the way health services are billed and collected.

For more than a year now, I've been living with constant calls from debt collectors, but the calls are for a man named William. No matter how many times I tell the callers they've got the wrong number, they keep calling back. And now I'm getting robocalls, with no chance of talking to a live person to explain that I'm not William.

As the number of days until I need to have my gifts ready for delivery dwindles, there are five tips I'll be using this weekend to combat shopping stress and prevent budget-busting or less-than-ideal gift purchases.

As the end of the year approaches, you may be trying to ramp up your charitable donations. Before you give away your hard-earned cash, think twice about where it's going. You may be able to reap more satisfaction from your giving - and maximize your charitable contributions - if you think more strategically about where and how you give.

While saving my sanity during my holiday travels might be a lost cause, I figured the next best thing I could do was save money. By using my American Express card's extended rental car protection plan, I was able to do just that.

In the second of a two-part blog series,'s Yasmin Ghahremani tries to make all of her purchases for a week using only Apple Pay, the mobile wallet that works with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. By the end, she's eager to find a dining establishment that doesn't have fluorescent lighting.'s Fred O. Williams and Yasmin Ghahremani decided to take the two main wallets for a test run. For one week, they sought to only use their phones for payments in a Google vs. Apple showdown. In Part 1, Williams describes his experiences with Google Wallet, and engages in some Apple trash talking.

An enterprising group of 18 current and former Miami Dade College students have been indicted for laundering $500,000 in other people's stolen income tax refunds through their Higher One student financial aid accounts, in exchange for a cut of the action.

For private student loan borrowers facing high, inflexible monthly payments in times of unemployment or other financial hardships, relief may be on the way.

A low credit score isn't just bad for your wallet. It also signals a higher risk of heart disease, says a new study.

Every week, I'd spend about 30 minutes clipping and ripping coupons from the Sunday newspaper. They piled up everywhere -- in the car, on my desk and, rarely, in my coupon book. But at most I'd save $10. Then I discovered discount gift cards.

If you are venturing out on Black Friday -- or even Thanksgiving night -- to snag some discounted booty, best of luck. Here are a few extra tips besides "plan ahead" and "make a budget" to help you save more and spend less:

Card issuers can -- and do -- cut credit lines at any time, causing many households to hold extra savings, new research says. And spending power on cards disappears just when consumers and the economy need it.

As the holiday season gets closer, you may notice a growing number of stores trying to tug at your heartstrings -- and your wallet -- by advertising charitable donations alongside traditional holiday promotions.


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