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Mastercard’s ‘Open Tab’ makes it easier to close out

Brady Porche

Paying your tab at a packed, understaffed bar can be a drag on a fun outing, but Mastercard wants to change that. The payment network in February announced a new feature in its Qkr! with Masterpass mobile payment app that…
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CFPB takes a closer look at alternative credit data

Kelly Dilworth

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is weighing relaxing federal regulations to allow more lenders to consider nontraditional information when weighing a consumer’s creditworthiness. As part of its review, the CFPB is seeking public feedback on the benefits and risks…
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5 personal finance podcasts that will make you smarter

Jeff Herman

There are dozens of personal finance podcasts – some from big names (Dave Ramsey) and well-known brands (Freakonomics) – but the ones I like best mix humor, honesty and news I can use. If I laugh a bit while I…
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Trump Dash Button speeds donations to ACLU

Jay MacDonald

While it didn’t take long for a socially aware techno-cat to cook up an ingenious response to the sometimes ALL CAPS feeds from America’s Tweeter-in-Chief, nobody saw the Trump rage button coming. Credit that mic-drop moment to Nathan Pryor, a…
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