Medical bills can take a big toll on credit

Brady Porche

Paying a big medical bill can have long-term financial side effects, according to a new study by Chase. In a study of 250,000 Chase checking account holders, the bank found that the average family’s revolving credit card debt was 9…
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5 personal finance podcasts that will make you smarter

Jeff Herman

There are dozens of personal finance podcasts – some from big names (Dave Ramsey) and well-known brands (Freakonomics) – but the ones I like best mix humor, honesty and news I can use. If I laugh a bit while I…
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To stay on budget, click ‘unsubscribe’

Erica Sandberg

You’ve worked hard to create a budget, so why let your inbox lure you into overspending? Amidst all that personal correspondence are advertisements – temptations really – from your favorite retailers. The emails are so tailored to your desires (and…
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Trump Dash Button speeds donations to ACLU

Jay MacDonald

While it didn’t take long for a socially aware techno-cat to cook up an ingenious response to the sometimes ALL CAPS feeds from America’s Tweeter-in-Chief, nobody saw the Trump rage button coming. Credit that mic-drop moment to Nathan Pryor, a…
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Feel powerless over finances? You’re likely to overspend

Kelly Dilworth

People are more likely to spend impulsively if they don’t think they have much control over their financial destiny, new research finds – and my own recent experience lends support to this. Conversely, people who are confident in their ability…
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